Department of Academic Affairs

Mission Statement

The Department of Academic Affairs works to alleviate student concerns and increase awareness about academic policies, procedures and resources on campus. The Department of Academic Affairs will advocate for the mutually inclusive collaboration of the student body and the administration in order to implement change in academic policies for the benefit of the undergraduate constituents. By utilizing resources, student input, administrative guidance, and support from the Office of the Provost, this department will continue to strive in reforming and actively encouraging the improvement of academics on Towson University’s campus.



Encouraging the integration of technology into classrooms settings by advocating for the mandatory use of Blackboard; allowing for the academic use of laptops and tablets; as well us using other online forums to submit work to decrease on paper consumption.

  • Supporting the reformation of the tenure review process for faculty and staff by advocating for increased student course evaluation weight and having student input be heard on the Tenure Review Committee.
  • Researching and amending the University absence policies to include acknowledgement of mental health as a viable excused absence.
  • Increasing the availability of academic resources on campus by integrating programs into residence halls and placing a larger emphasis on academic advising during student orientations.


Committee Meeting Times

Academic Affairs Committee meeting time will be decided soon.

Committee Contact & Registration Information

Please contact Director of Academic Affairs, Luke Bollinger at: