Department of Athletic Affairs

Mission Statement

The Department of Athletic Affairs works to create and maintain an engaging environment for the undergraduate student body, athletics and greater Towson community. The Department of Athletics also serves as the student government liaison to the University Athletic Department, Sports Clubs, and Campus Rec. By fostering relationships between local businesses, citizens, and organizations, this department aims to increase brand awareness of the Towson Tigers trademark; and encourage support of all Towson athletics.

Committee Meeting Times

Athletic Affairs Committee meeting time will be decided soon.


  • To increase student attendance at athletic events through themed games, student organization sponsorship, fan-based competitions, and giveaways.
  • To revitalize the presence and efficiency of Doc’s Army as the official Towson Tiger fan-base organization.
  • Fostering additional relationships in the greater Towson and Baltimore communities in order to increase athletic awareness and sponsorships.

Committee Contact Information

Please contact Director of Athletic Affairs, Alexis Alexander at: