Department of Health and Wellness

Mission Statement

The Department of Health and Wellness provides education and support for the student body on all eight dimensions of physical and mental health as it relates to the collegiate experience. By acting and serving as the SGA liaison between the Health and Counseling resources on campus, this department aims to provide students with informative services and opportunities; as well as working to enhance these resources in order to create foundations for lifelong wellness.

Committee Meeting Times

Health and Wellness Committee meeting time will be decided soon.


  • To educate the student body on healthy relationships between peers in regards to communication; healthy love language; navigating through “hook-up” culture; and dismantling college rape culture.
  • Enhance University physical health resources to be more inclusive of students without health insurance; the equal distribution of sexual health resources; and providing free and/or discounted women’s health products to the student body.
  • Call for increased LGBTQIA+ resources such as the inclusion of Gender Inclusive Bathrooms in all building renovations and new construction, as well as on all Towson University maps.
  • Call for increased resources and the creation of inclusionary spaces for minorities and marginalized communities.
  • Raise awareness and debunking stigmas surrounding mental health, in collaboration with the Health Center and Wellness Educators to advocate for self-care; and including mental rhetoric in the University’s excused absence policies.

Contact Information

Please contact Director of Health and Wellness, Airial Turner at: