Department of Legislative Affairs

Mission Statement

The Department of Legislative Affairs works to build student awareness on local, state, and federal legislation that concerns the collegiate experience. This department also focuses on ensuring that student concerns are effectively advocated for, voiced, and relayed to Political Representatives. The Department of Legislative affairs aims to provide a safe and inclusive space in which students can enlighten each other on reform and policies that work for the betterment of Towson University, the greater Towson and Baltimore communities, as well as the University System of Maryland.

Committee Meeting Times

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  • To plan and execute Towson University’s annual Tiger Pride Day, in which students, faculty, and staff will have the opportunity to participate in a day of lobbying in Annapolis, MD to bring focus to issues concerning the multifaceted collegiate experience.
  • To improve the relationship between the University and the local Baltimore County and City governments by raising political awareness and programming.
  • To plan and execute a “Minority Tiger Pride Day,” which will advocate for and focus on policies that are aimed to alleviate hate, bias, prejudice, and discrimination. This program will also call for institutional backing on increased resources for marginalized communities.

Committee Contact Information

Please contact Director of Legislative Affairs, Braysia Hicks at: