Department of Marketing

Mission Statement

The Department of Marketing and Communications works to create a positive relationship between the SGA and Towson University students by acting as an informative resource through all facets of communication. This department promotes and provides information on important student, faculty, or staff initiatives, events, and/or programming. This department also works to enhance brand awareness of the Student Government Association as an entity of Towson University.


  • Provide increased marketing resources to students and student organizations on campus through the utilization of graphic designers, photographers, and videographers, and free projector rentals.
  • Improving brand awareness of the SGA Marketing team and the external resources they provide to students and student organizations.
  • Utilizing printed and digital methods of communication for advertising opportunities through social media presence, the Towerlight, and Events@Towson.

Please contact Director of Marketing and Communications, Helen Grafton at:, the Assistant Director of Marketing Andrea Ruano at: or the Assistant Director of Communications, Kaitlyn McClanahan  at:

Request Now

If you would like to request marketing materials for your student organizations please click on the following link.