Department of Student Groups

Mission Statement

The Department of Student Organizations operates hand-in-hand with over 200 of Towson University’s student-ran organizations. This department oversees the “Tiger Stripes” policies and processes, which help student organizations obtain benefits, such as collaboration, funding and sponsorship from other organizations, the SGA, as well as the University. The Department of Student Organizations also works internally with the SGA by acting as the student organization liaison in order to increase organizational awareness and ethics; policy and process information streamlining; student organization needs and retention; as well as effective communication with SGA Senators.


  • Streamlining the policies and processes to ensure that all registered student organizations can reach their desired Tiger Stripes package and receive funding.
  • Increase communication between the SGA and registered student organizations through the organizational weekly email, social media, and
  • Publishing all SGA documents and forms online at to increase accessibility and sustainability measures.
  • To plan and execute two (2) professional development programs, such as the “Student Organization Summit,” which provides informative resources and services to student organizations.
  • To assist in the planning and execution of two (2) Involvement Fairs, in which students have the opportunity to showcase their organizations, increase recruitment measures, and increase organizational retention.

Committee Contact Information

Please contact Director of Student Groups, Cristiana Saballos  at: