The annual election of Executive, Judicial, and Senatorial officers of the SGA occurs each spring semester.

Students will have the opportunity to hear candidates at the annual debate hosted by the Election Commission in late April. Students will then be able to vote on Involved@TU.

SGA Election Commission

The Election Commission is an independent body comprised of undergraduate students who help administer the SGA Elections. Some of the duties of the Commission include enforcing Election Policy, addressing violations, hosting the annual debate, and encouraging students to get involved with the election process. Apply to become a member.

Run for SGA

Undergraduate students can petition to run for Executive, Judicial, and Senatorial positions within the SGA. A minimum 2.5 GPA is required. To receive a petition, visit the SGA Office at University Union Rm. 226. Petitions will be available in late March and are by due in April.

Students will have the opportunity to find out what it means to be an SGA senator. SGA Interest sessions will be held in early April. These are optional meetings where current members of SGA will discuss what it’s like to be part of SGA as well as the responsibilities of hte positions of senator and justice. If you’re thinking about running and haven’t been a part of SGA, it’s encouraged that you should attend.

Work at Polls

Volunteer poll workers are needed for the SGA Election to help students use the Involved@TU system and cast their votes. Available shifts are on election days, between 8AM. – 5PM.

Vote Online

Online voting will take place on the last Tuesday and Wednesday in April at Involved@TU.