Office of the Attorney General

The Office of the Attorney General is in place to keep order internally within the SGA, to ensure effective work takes place for our student body. The Office keeps account of every individual’s performance as it pertains to his or her constitutional duties.  This Office is also in place in order to maintain an ethical environment within the SGA. The Office works to hold members of the SGA accountable for their work and performance in order to confirm that it aligns with our duty to serve the student body.

In order to increase accountability of SGA members, any Towson University student can fill out a Accountability Review Request if they wish to have the Attorney General review a member’s performance.

Just Do It/Collaboration Fund

Please submit the application at least four weeks prior to your event/program/initiative. No exceptions will be made. Your organization must be in good financial standing in order to apply. If the event evaluation is not submitted after your event, you will not receive the grant. For questions, contact SGA Attorney General Rishell Chambers at

Accountability Review Request