Tiger Pride Day

What is Tiger Pride Day?

Tiger Pride Day is an exciting opportunity to both help Towson University and to get experience interacting with the elected officials who make decisions in our state.

Our presence in Annapolis will address any and all issues relating to higher education in Maryland. This event is planned and staffed by students. But we are not just students; we are also leaders and voters that care deeply about our future in the state. Tiger Pride Day is an opportunity to forge relationships with legislators and to ask them for help in this critical time. We hope to influence legislators to stand with us as we continue to advocate for Towson University students.


The 15th Annual Tiger Pride Day was a successful advocacy campaign for the students of Towson University.  Participants steadfastly supported keeping college affordable and searching for alternatives for traditional textbooks.  Students also highlighted the need for an increase in the minimum wage to support the costs they incur while obtaining their education and discussed the opportunity to secure the same legal protections as state employees for interns.  Legislators received information on different ways Towson University is leading in the state and were informed on our university’s need for support on a variety of capital projects designed to enhance our campus.  Overall, this past year included a collection of prestigious speakers including Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Alumni & Delegate Jolene Ivey, and USM Chancellor William “Brit” Kirwan.  Any questions or comments regarding this event can be sent to Rebecca Dessalines, Director of Legislative Affairs at rdessa1@students.towson.edu .

Why should you attend?

Tiger Pride Day is a unique experience for any student. This networking opportunity serves to forge relationships that are invaluable to anyone looking to get involved in politics in any capacity and at any level. Tiger Pride Day also empowers students to sharpen their communication skills in a professional setting. Legislators enjoy engaging with students and first impressions forged by Tiger Pride Day have led to full time jobs for multiple students in the past.