What we do

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the representative governing body of the undergraduate student population. Working jointly with students, faculty, staff, and administration, the SGA is dedicated to improving students’ academic, social, and cultural environments. Beyond pro-actively pursuing this goal, the SGA also approves and governs student organizations and their budgets. Organized as an executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch the SGA’s student officers work diligently to better the Towson University community.


Judicial Branch

Comprised of a Chief Justice, a Deputy Chief Justice, and three Associate Justices. They ensure the SGA is in compliance with the governing documents.


Legislative Branch

Comprised of the elected representatives of the SGA. The Senate represents the student body, writes proper and necessary legislations on important topics and urgent matters concerning the student body at TU.

Executive Branch

Comprised of an Executive Board, an Executive Cabinet, an Executive Council, and an Office of the Solicitor General. They execute passed legislation and lead the initiatives of the SGA.