The Know Your Rights campaign is an annual event held by SGA to give students the opportunity to learn about their rights and strengthen their awareness. The Student Government Association (SGA), and various other Towson University departments and organizations, will be tabling to promote and reinforce the specific rights students have. The SGA will be tabling with Disability Support Services, The Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education, TU Dreamers and more! As one of the biggest events put on by the Office of the Solicitor General, this event will have tons of food, activities, music, and promo! 

What is Know Your Rights?

Day 1: Introduce students to the Office of the Solicitor General. Urges students to look into resources SGA has to offer, and promote the responsibilities of the OSG. Volunteers can also talk about the ACLU information, such as the do’s and don’ts of protesting in school or rights on social media. Promo for this day include T-shirts, KYR stickers, and portable chargers. The food served will be Pizza.

Day 2: This day we will be passing out information cards. We will also be inviting TU dreamers and the OSCCE. These groups can give out helpful information pertaining to their purview. The OSCCE will be talking about the process of student conduct appeals and the rights to due process. This day we will have sandwiches and drinks from Black and Gold. We will also be giving out portable chargers and laptop camera covers!

Day 3: The final day will be collaborating with DSS and hopefully another department. This day we will be reiterating what had been said in the past two days. DSS will promote the resources that they have to offer. We will be giving out phone wallets, KYR stickers, and T-shirts. This day we will also be ordering Insomnia Cookies

We hope to see you there, and, most importantly, we hope to teach you something valuable that could help you or a friend in a time of need.