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DATE: April 10, 2021

TIME: 12:00 – 3:00 pm



Christine Churchwell

Christine Churchwell has been an award-winning cosplayer since 2010. She is a veteran ECBACC Africozer and has been featured in multiple publications such as the Metro Philly Newspaper, The Philadelphia Tribune, and the Delaware River Waterfront Summer Guide for comic and cultural costumes that she has handmade. Ms. Churchwell enjoys costume making as a hobby and bringing characters to life for others to experience. Mysterio, Blue Beetle, a Klingon, and Raya Blackmoon; a mascot for ECBACC, Inc., are just a few of the characters portrayed by Ms. Churchwell. She holds an Early Childhood Education degree and her primary role is set as an educator and academic coordinator so that children are exposed to culture and creativity in a fun and inventive ways. Ms. Churchwell is available for academic consultation, characters, face painting, and storytelling. Ms. Churchwell hopes to bring more exposure to independently owned Black characters through cosplay/Africoz so that Black images get the notoriety they deserve.

Bill Masuku

Bill Masuku is the creator of comic books like Razor-Man, Welcome to Dead World, and Captain South Africa. In the urban fantasy genre, he is the author of the Misfortunism series. His artwork has appeared in galleries around southern Africa and he has been a guest speaker at events such as MCM London Comic Con, FanCon Cape Town, Comic Con Africa, and Harare Literature Festival. Bill is a Heruica Award-Winning and Nommo Award-nominated comic book artist and writer born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1993.



Somto Ajuluchukwu
Somto Ajuluchukwu is the president and founder of Vortex Studio International, one of Africa’s leading and fast-growing animation and creative content studios in West Africa Nigeria, which has created a niche market in African comic books and animated content production and distribution. Somto has great experience as an entrepreneur in technology and entertainment and is keen on taking advantage of the growing markets in West Africa and delivering quality products Globally. Somto and his team of artists and writers export African culture through visual artistry. “Art is the New Technology, Vortex is the New Africa!” Says, Somto, “We are an integration of creative expressions which deliver high-quality entertainment through various media from comics, cartoons, art, film and so much more bridging the gap between Arts and technology through digital media.” 

Akinseye Brown

Akinseye (Ah-Keen-Shay-Yay) Brown is an artist, illustrator, and writer that uses African culture, science fiction, and fantasy to tell stories. His books include coloring books like Vejo Capoeira, and Umoja Force, and comic books like Sannkofamaan, and Dara Brown: 1996. His most popular work, How To Draw African Superheroes Volumes 1 and 2 have won a Pioneer Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. Brown has 18-years of experience in illustrating. He has served as the Education Chairmen of the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, Incorporated (ECBACC, Inc.), for five years and is one of the founders of the ECBACC S.T.A.R.S. (Storytelling That Advances Reading Skills) Program, which is an initiative to improve the reading skills of young people through the use of comics. He now serves as Event Coordinator for the annual convention, which celebrates Black images in storytelling while improving youth literacy. Brown is also the editor of the convention’s two publications the Read For Fun Workbook and the ECBACC Program Guide. Brown sells his prints and paintings through his company Sokoya Productions, LLC. Brown continues to inspire and educate through art and storytelling.

Regine L. Sawyer

Regine L. Sawyer is the owner/writer/publisher at Lockett Down Productions; a small press comic book company. She’s also the coordinator and founder of the Women in Comics Collective International; an organization that highlights the merit and craftwork of marginalized people, especially that of women and non-binary folks of color. In addition, Regine has worked as freelance a writer for Marvel Comics, Time Magazine, DC Comics, Comic Book Resources, the Freelancers Union, Graphic Policy, and Blerd Galaxy Magazine.



N. Steven Harris

Harris is a 2-time Eisner Nominated and 5-time Glyph Comics Award-winning illustrator for his works on Watson and Holmes and his co-creator property, Ajala. Specializing in comics and storyboards, Mr. Harris has worked for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and high profile ad agencies on products like Coca Cola, Google, and Samsung and his Work has been represented in such mediums as comics, billboards, and television commercials. Check out his most recent work on Solarman, published by Scout Comics. The 2-time Eisner Nominated, 4-time Glyph Award-winning, and recently, a VLA (Virginia Library Association) Graphic Novel Diversity Award-winning, Watson and Holmes, published by New Paradigm Studios, and co-creating, the 2-time Glyph Award-winning book, for Best Female Character, Ajala: A Series of Adventures, along with Robert Garrett, N. Steven Harris has had a career spanning over 20 years in the comic book industry. His highlights include DC Comic’s Aztek: The Ultimate Man, a character which he co-created along with Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, for DC Comics. His credits also include Batman: Officer Down, Batman 80pp GiantThe Huntress (DC Comics), Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Generation X, X-Force, and Deadpool Annual ’98 (Marvel Entertainment). Within the last 5 years, he has worked on titles such as Voltron, New Money, and Solarman. Mr. Harris’s most recent publication is DC/Wildstorms Michael Cray. He also has participated in gallery shows showcasing comic book art in New York, Philadelphia, Georgia, Chicago, California, and Japan.



Maurice Waters

Maurice Waters is a producer and programming assistant. Starting in the 90s, he has produced and hosted numerous Black Sci-Fi Panels and workshops along the East Coast that focused on the Black Sci-Fi enthusiasts and those who are trying to break into the sci-fi industry. He’s worked with Temple University’s PASCEP program, Art Sanctuary’s Celebration of Black Writing, and the Big Apple Comic Con. For 6 years he was the Vice President and Event Coordinator of the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) in Philadelphia. This national convention is the largest gathering of its kind on the east coast. Through his works, he realized the demand for Black Sci-Fi products was increasing; and being a longtime collector himself, Waters decided to combine his passion for the genre with his extensive media experience. As a result, he started; a website that focuses on sci-fi, sci-fact, fantasy, entertainment, news, people, places, events, and the impact of those events on the African American community. Waters states; “We seek to inform and inspire the imagination of individuals who aspire to live beyond the boundaries of everyday life.”




Born in 1982 in Bafoussam, Cameroon. With a Bachelor’s degree in Modern English and French Literature and a degree in Graphic, Visual and Space Arts, Joëlle Epée Mandengue -who signed Elyon’s- began her professional career as a cultural mission officer at the French Cultural Center in Douala, Cameroon (now the French Institute), then worked as a graphic designer and finally as a copywriter within the MW-DDB° group. Under her pseudonym Elyon’s, she is the author of the comic book series “La vie d’ Ebène Duta” – Already 3 volumes published -, Stand Up comedian, she also works on projects for individuals, institutions, festivals, and comic book workshops around the world. Under her name Joëlle Epée Mandengue, she co-curates various temporary comics exhibitions on the African continent, including the South African virtual exhibition, Afropolitan Comics.

Website: &



Kenjji, owner of Griot Comics, is an award-winning illustrator with 15 years plus of professional experience and a unique and versatile style. He is the author and illustrator of WITCHDOCTOR: Protector of the People and Southside Neffertti.



Sagwa Chabeda

While studying Film and Media Arts in the late 90s at Temple University in Philadelphia, Sagwa was an active participant in cultural events by the Africa studies department and community education projects. Sagwa was able to gain knowledge and skills to tell stories from the African continent. He has done this successfully for local audiences and on international forums. The use of digital technology has enabled this to happen at an enhanced pace and the need for content from Africa cannot be overstated. Attending events such as ECBACC exposed Sagwa to a means to tell stories of relevance to African audiences via comics. It is with this in mind that he has embraced the challenge to use new
media and give the African historical and cultural experience a voice through Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Animation, and Games.