Here are some of the options the SGA offers for students and student organizations seeking funding to enhance their student experience. Further information is available about these resources in the SGA Financial Policy!

Security Relief Fund

The Security Relief fund is a fund that helps fund security for large scale events held by student organizations.

Sustainability Fund

The Sustainability fund is for sustainable projects and initiatives never implemented on campus by individual students and/or student organizations.

Explore Conference Fund

The Explore Conference fund provides individual students who have been accepted/registered to present/speak at a conference or expo.


Supplemental Request

Supplemental Requests are allocations occurring outside of the regular budgeting process to organizations that have achieved a Tiger Stripes Package of 2, 3, or 4.


Just Do It Fund

The purpose of the Just Do It Grant is to supplement new, innovative ideas, and empower individuals to positively change Towson University’s campus.

Collaboration Fund

The purpose of the Collaboration Fund is to encourage collaboration between student organizations with different objectives.

Weekend Retention Fund

The purpose of the Weekend Retention Fund is to provide student organizations the chance to host events on a Friday after 5:00 pm and the entirety of Saturday or Sunday.



Budget Change

A student organization has the opportunity to reallocate their account extension to a different account at a later date through a budget change request, if the original account extension is not utilized.